defined by intention, art and pure passion.

UNTAMED STREET is a contemporary men’s and women’s footwear brand, born from the union of London creative spirit with the Italian art of shoemaking. Our design code is inspired by modern and progressive arts, monochrome photography and urban landscapes.

Bold and unapologetic, we blur the boundaries between art and fashion, embedding techniques used by painters and contemporary artists and fusing the artistry of luxury with the ethos and aspirations of modern city life.

attitude. creativity. individuality.

We are a brand injected with counter-cultural references, thriving on inquisitiveness and curiosity. We are unbound by conventions and obsessed with the attitude and edge of urban life.

Untamed is who we are, how we think and what we do. We believe in individuality and the disruptive power of new ideas: a virtual world without boundaries, a global community based not on conventions, but on a shared desire to explore and experience the unknown.

for the untamed.

UNTAMED STREET is intended for a generation that eschews traditional paths in favour of forging their own. For curious minds, unafraid to share their search for the perfect balance between timeless elegance and contemporary style.

Our pieces are for those seeking something unique. For those unapologetic in their pursuit of style and self-expressionism, wanting to go beyond fashion statements to forge an authentic lifestyle experience.

from dawn till dusk.

Developed with versatility in mind, our products truly embody the spirit of their inception, providing a meaningful response for every occasion, whether you are at work, attending a formal event, going for a date or enjoying a drink with friends.

Even our most casual styles have the attitude of a dress shoe, giving you a sense of cool confidence in both formal and casual settings. Dressed up or dressed down. Workdays, or weekend.

handcrafted in Italy. in every way.

UNTAMED STREET collections are all artfully crafted in the Medieval town of Montegranaro, Marche. Rigorous craftsmanship, the unrelenting pursuit for high-quality materials and a sensibility for timeless design, make the Italian region of Marche the global capital of luxury shoemaking.

Producing high-quality, handcrafted products is a collaborative enterprise. That’s why we began a close and personal relationship with small, family-owned workshops, where the obsession with craftsmanship, quality and authenticity, matches our own.

quality without compromise.

Every style is made with the richest Italian calf and buffalo hides, carefully selected to offer unparalleled flexibility and durability. Our outsoles are nothing short of extraordinary: hand built Italian vegetable tanned calf and buffalo soles; hard rubber originally developed for mountaineering and military use; and softer, crinkly, cushioning natural crepe soles.

Our shoes are stitched using an array of construction methods nowadays only adopted by high luxury brands. Superior techniques, such as Blake, Blake Rapid and Bologna, are paired specifically to each style, providing the highest comfort, a sleek and contemporary aesthetic, and ease of resoling for years of wear.

craftsmanship as art.

At UNTAMED STREET when we say handmade, we mean it. We are ideologically uncompromising about the purity of our creations. Our artisans pride themselves on combining deep-rooted skills passed on by generations, with utmost care and precision to ensure all products are crafted to the highest standard.

But it’s not only quality we seek. We believe that there is a unique charm and authenticity which come from traditional handmade products. This is why each of our pairs is individually handcrafted and requires up to 8 weeks and over 100 procedures to construct. Craftsmanship is an evolution of techniques, skills and inspirations and a creative force that must not stand still.

one of a kind, imperfectly perfect.

Everything is in the detail, everything is deliberate. From the choice of the finest leathers, with their natural markings and irregularities, to an array of colouring and antiquing treatments designed to make each individual pair one of a kind.

To create distinctive nuances and shades of uneven intensity, our shoes are either hand painted and hand buffered or dip dyed in colour and then carefully discoloured, waxed and brushed. To emphasise the distressed look and create rough tactile textures, all of our shoes also undergo a process called stone washing, consisting in washing the shoe with water and pumice stones. These are techniques that only few craftsmen are skilled enough to master.

removing the barrier to luxury.

Our mission is to change the way people engage with quality products, offering a luxury experience at a friendly price. For this reason we have chosen the direct-to-consumer approach, selling directly to you, without middlemen and the significant costs involved with traditional retail.

Our products are made with the same high quality materials of the most exclusive luxury brands, but our overheads and marketing spend is much lower, allowing us to offer a Made in Italy luxury product at a dramatically low price, without sacrificing quality and service.


Sustainability is a fundamental part of what we believe in. Every shoe is made to last and age beautifully, and can be easily resoled, so you can buy less of them. The least eco-friendly shoe is the one you have to replace every year. We make shoes without expiration date.

We only use hides that are a natural by-product of the food industry and, wherever possible, we construct our shoes with vegetable tanned leathers, treated with a mix of tree barks, water and other natural ingredients, rather than potentially harmful chrome tanning. We use rubber soles predominantly made of natural gum rubber harvested from trees, a renewable source, as opposed to petroleum-based synthetic rubber.

ethically handcrafted.

In the modern age of mass production and standardisation, we have decided to move away from consumerism towards quality and sustainability, speaking to a generation of people who recognise the difference between quality and excess.

We stand our ground for what we believe in. We follow a strict ethical code. We strive to act with integrity and treat our people and suppliers fairly and ethically. This is why we hand pick our suppliers and only partner with those who share our values of integrity, transparency and responsible manufacturing.