A bold reinterpretation of classic codes in contemporary terms, our women’s shoes collection is the result of the unrelenting pursuit of the perfect balance between timeless design and the most creative urban styles.

Entirely handcrafted in Italy, each piece is stone washed and treated with an array of hand painting and antiquing techniques, to create distinctive tactile textures that exude character and a timeless sense of style and confidence.

Italian handmade Texan boots embody the epitome of craftsmanship and style, merging traditional artisanship with contemporary flair. Crafted from luxurious suede, each pair is meticulously embellished with intricate details, showcasing the mastery of Italian artisans. With a timeless style that transcends trends, these western boots exude sophistication and elegance. Perfect for the warmer months, they are available in a palette of summer colors, adding a vibrant touch to any ensemble while maintaining the classic charm that defines Italian footwear.

For those who like to reach a little higher, our women's collection of mid-heel boots will let you rise over 6cm and above. From high-calf boots with intrinsic stitching details and powerful hiking hooks, to minimalistic booties with sinuous lines and butter-soft leathers.